Cleanse your wardrobe of synthetic dyes.

Become more in touch with the the colours you wear everyday. Most clothing dyes are developed with harmful additives, known to have adverse health affects when absorbed through the skin. We believe natural alternatives should be a choice for everyday essentials, making a positive impact on your body and the planet.

How do dye toxins penetrate the body? 

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, and every time you put your body in contact with fabric, the permeable layer that is your skin absorbs chemicals.

Chemicals can penetrate your skin through your appendages like hair follicles & sweat ducts, or directly through your skin's cells. If a chemical successfully passes through the upper layers of skin, it has the chance to be absorbed by the bloodstream and throughout your body.

The environmental affects of synthetic dyes 


Tons annual waste

200,000 tons of dye waste makes it way back into rivers, lakes and waterways every year.


becomes pollution

10-50% the dyes used in the dyeing process are polluted to surrounding areas creating a toxic water source for the most vulnerable


groundwater destroyed

It's estimated that 90% of China's local groundwater is toxic due to industrial water pollution.

Making the natural choice.

Our colours are made with pigments sourced from mother nature; Indigo flowers, Turmeric Roots, Eucalyptus & Nuts. Tested by third parties to ensure our dyes are free from harmful additives.

Plant Dyes create a sustainable alternative to the industry standard. Enriching our ecosystems rather than damaging them.  

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