A husband & wife team, cultivating a new colour process.

Established in 2021 by Jake & Alina Springthorpe, Plant Dyed celebrates the couple's philosophy of sustainability and comfort. Both veterans in the apparel industry, the duo were exposed to the problems of modern production & textile dyeing, inspiring them to enter the  challenging, yet rewarding world of natural dyes.

Their sense for community drives Plant Dyed toward inclusive collections, reflective of the creative people that surround them.

Made thoughtfully in Bangalore, India. 

At the core of Plant Dyed is a strong respect for the people we work with, and the environment we work within. Our garments are made by experienced and ethical makers, that uphold values that align with our goals.

Plant Dyed is committed to upholding sustainable transparency. If you have any questions about our products and processes, you can contact us via our contact page where we are happy to share all aspects of our operations.

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